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Shannon Medical Center

Automates EHR to CD

The Rimage system is compact and easy to use. We don’t write on discs with Sharpies any more. Our process got streamlined, simplified, and more robust – all at the same time.

Shannon Medical Center


Shannon Medical Center


CD volume is growing

Manual production is expensive and slow


Rimage Medical Solution

Shannon Medical Center is a major West Texas lead level 3 trauma center with a growing patient base and an increasing volume of digital and paper medical records. With increasing end-user demand and federal mandates for digital release of patient records Shannon needed to find a way to meet patient needs in a professional manner, allow for maximum security and privacy, and reduce the time and labor by automating as much of the process as possible.

“We really like the seamless integration of the Rimage system into our records release workflow. I can click on Print to paper, FAX, Save to file, or Disc. When I select Disc, the software automatically populates merge fields that get printed on top of the disc by the Rimage system. No typing, no typos, and as soon as I click on Release, I can go back to work and let the Rimage system do the rest.”

– Derek Clark, Shannon Medical


The old workflow to make a patient record CD consisted of gathering the PDF files, using outside software to record a CD, removing the CD from the desktop recorder, hand writing patient information on the disc with a pen, and then checking to verify accuracy. The process was time consuming for employees and required constant attention to the many steps.

Shannon knew that disc volumes were going to increase and there was no apparent way to streamline the process without simply adding more employees to perform this manual function.


The solution is a Rimage 5410N disc production system supported by a full software integration by Shannon’s EMR provider. The software treats the Rimage system like any other network attached device. Users on the network can easily send jobs to the Rimage system. A job consists of the patient record and the end-user selected metadata that will be printed on top of the disc by the Rimage Everest printer.

Shannon elected to print the patient name, the patient medical record number, and the request ID on top of the disc. The disc is automatically recorded, moved inside the system to the printer, and then printed in full, indelible color at 400 dpi – all without human intervention.


Patient records are no longer distributed with hand-written information on top of the CD. Shannon operators can submit a job to the Rimage system and get a higher quality disc than before, in far less time than it used to take. Desktop PCs are not tied up in disc production, freeing up the PCs and staff to perform other duties.

The Rimage system has generated interest from other departments and talks are underway to consider using it as a shared network device for other groups in the facility. Jobs could be sent from any location, and having a central pick-up spot for discs would allow the hospital to have a uniform distribution process that includes obtaining an ID and signature every time a disc goes out.

The Rimage software and the EMR integration allow for multiple copies and for password protection if desired. The cost and time savings for patient records release are substantial, and additional savings are anticipated as RAC audits are sent out on CD’s produced on the Rimage system.

“The Rimage system is compact and easy to use. We don’t write on discs with Sharpies any more. Our process got streamlined, simplified, and more robust – all at the same time. Every disc that leaves our facility is accurate, has the proper identifications, is labeled confidential and privileged, and can be traced back to the original request. After a few months, a system error resulted in a call to Rimage Support, and they were great, too!”

– Margaret Benson, Shannon Medical

Case Studies