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Department of Justice

Rimage Delivers a Best in Class Surveillance Solution

The Rimage Surveillance Solution has bridged a very deep gap in the agency’s workflow.
- A U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Surveillance Management

Department of Justice


A US Federal law enforcement agency


  • Find a streamlined solution to manage, deliver, and archive endless amounts of surveillance evidence
  • Seamlessly incorporate the solution into existing workflow


Rimage Surveillance Solution

A US Federal law enforcement agency maintains law and public order in matters affecting the entire country. One area in which the law enforcement is heavily involved is surveillance. The agency is responsible for technical surveillance programs for all regional facilities. With the growing number of digital surveillance cameras, the agency maintains an overwhelming amount of electronic data. In order to conform to federal regulations, this surveillance data must be retained for extended periods of time. The agency uses the Rimage Surveillance Solution to effectively and efficiently manage, deliver, and archive surveillance data and streamline workflow.


Before discovering Rimage’s solution, the agency manually managed its surveillance archives. Personnel were responsible for exporting content from the system, copying the content, and labeling it by hand. This was a long and tedious process that kept the workforce away from their vital duties. Furthermore, the archive content was offloaded to hard drives for shelf storage. This created a big risk for the agency. As current technology is bound to change, the agency could not risk the potential of hard drives to fail or become incompatible with their available tools.

In order to uphold Federal regulation standards, purging the surveillance data was simply not an option for the agency. Adding additional hard drives was also not an appealing solution. The challenge was clear. The agency needed to incorporate a more effective and streamlined solution to manage, deliver and archive never-ending amounts of surveillance data. But how could the agency meet this challenge without disrupting their current workflow?


The agency found its answer in Rimage’s Surveillance Solution: an automated file-based system that burns and prints Blu-ray Discs™ for distribution and archival purposes. The Rimage system is a three-tiered solution that completely automates the surveillance export, delivery, and archive process. It streamlines the agency’s workflow for transporting and distributing surveillance data while also creating a stable, flexible, and sustainable archiving plan.

The Blu-ray Discs utilized by the Rimage duplication system are a stable and high-quality medium, enabling the agency to standardize archives for extended storage. Blu-ray Discs are also a secure and cost-effective means for distributing content. The media’s long retention life and universal format make it easy for agency personnel to view content outside of the surveillance system. Every disc contains user defined content and a specially designed viewer, allowing for quick screening on any Windows based PC with a Blu-ray Disc drive.

The Rimage software ensures that metadata is carried over with all archived content. Due to this insightful technology, all pertinent information is preserved on the Blu-ray Disc and personnel can easily access files when duty calls. In addition, the Blu-ray printing component of the Rimage solution adds a clear and concise label right to the disc surface, resulting in organized disc storage and retrieval.


Enhanced Workflow

Rimage was the only company that offered a solution specifically designed for the Federal law enforcement agency’s surveillance management workflow. Rimage’s extensive experience in similar workflows overcame the agency’s concerns in moving to a new technology.

Since its incorporation, the Rimage Surveillance Solution has bridged a very deep gap in the agency’s workflow. The system’s automation has saved time, improved accuracy and helped secure mass amounts of evidence. In addition, the system supports the agency’s extensive retention requirements. The Rimage solution simplifies the day-to-day maintenance of surveillance video, enabling a sustainable and long-term archive strategy.

A Best-In-Class Standard

The Surveillance solution has also given the agency the power to maintain an important standard: developing and utilizing best in class solutions that make life easier on field personnel. The Rimage software modules have the flexibility to integrate into the agency’s existing workflow, increasing adaptability and decreasing complexity. Personnel are not required to endure extensive training in order to continue fulfilling their job requirements. Rather, the Rimage Surveillance Solution provides an automated system that saves them valuable time and enhances their work experience, allowing them to focus on critical needs.

Safety is a significant concern for this law enforcement agency. Rimage’s Surveillance Solution assures them that their surveillance content, like the public they serve, remains safe and secure. Rimage’s efficient and automated process allows the agency to manage, distribute and archive their surveillance data without disrupting routine operations, returning personnel to where they are needed most: the field.

“The Rimage solution simplifies the day-to-day maintenance of surveillance video, enabling a sustainable and long-term archive strategy.”

Case Studies