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Joint Visual Information Services Distribution Activity Depends on Rimage Disc Publishing To Streamline Order Fulfillment of Video Assets

Implementation was painless. Now that the system is up and running it’s been a self-sustaining solution.



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Streamline Order Fulfillment of Video Assets


  • Two Rimage CD/DVD Systems
  • Rapid Integration API
  • NetDisc Production Software
  • Everest® Thermal Printing

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) relies on the Joint Visual Information Services Distribution Activity (JVISDA) to reproduce and distribute current visual information and other multimedia training products to U.S. Forces worldwide. JVISDA maintains a customer web site containing the searchable listing and descriptions of thousands of audiovisual (AV) productions and interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) products used by the DOD. These AV and IMI products include videotapes, DVDs, and CDs used to support operational, training and internal information missions. Since its launch in 1997, the web site has helped JVISDA process and distribute close to one million products worldwide. To streamline its DVD and CD orders, JVISDA recently implemented a Rimage disc publishing system in conjunction with Discrete Technologies, Inc. NetDisc product management and production software.

“Rimage and NetDisc have allowed us to cut inventory and improve order turn-around. We’re thrilled with the results.”
Vincent Rotell, Deputy Director
Joint Visual Information Services Distribution Activity


Prior to March 2006, JVISDA stored a large amount of media in VHS format. Due to a strong commercial trend to move to the DVD format, and the fact that VHS tapes consume relatively large portions of inventory space, JVISDA converted 4,000 of its most requested VHS titles to DVD. Following this transition, JVISDA wanted to leverage this newly converted digital content and improve its order fulfillment process without the use of bandwidth.

“Most military sites employ multiple firewalls, presenting significant challenges for downloading full video,” said Vincent Rotell, deputy director for JVISDA. “Besides,most of our customers don’t want to take the time to download a large file; it’s a pain. They want it on DVD. We knew we required an efficient process for getting DVDs quickly copied and shipped to customers.” JVISDA was seeking a proven, fast-return order fulfillment solution that would allow for control over fulfillment costs, while meeting customer demands for fast turnaround. “With VHS and our former order fulfillment process, it took upwards of four weeks to fulfill a customer order. When you have guys deploying and then need to see the training materials, this time frame is simply too long.”


By combining a Rimage disc publishing system with Discrete Technologies NetDisc software, JVISDA now has an order fulfillment system that allows for much lower inventory levels while meeting customers’ high expectations for prompt product delivery. JVISDA now sees nearly 95 percent of its product shipped within two days of the original order.

“An order used to be touched by three or four people before it went out the door — now it touches one person. We’ve also been able to significantly reduce our inventory audits. We’ve essentially cut labor associated with the operation by nearly 100 percent.” In addition, JVISDA has reduced its blank media stock costs by 50 percent with CD/DVD compared to VHS; shipping costs have been cut by up to 70 percent. Rotell expects complete return on investment within six months. “Rimage and NetDisc have allowed us to cut inventory and improve our order turnaround. We’re thrilled with the results.


Automated Production From Start to Finish

Coupled with NetDisc software, the Rimage disc publishing system provides a custom, high volume, self sustaining solution that has streamlined JVISDA’s production order fulfillment processes from beginning to end. The system accepts customer e-mail orders that are validated by JVISDA’s distribution specialists and forwarded to NetDisc where their elements (e.g. shipping address, shipping method, authorizations, etc.) are aggregated. The data is automatically sent to the Rimage disc publishing system where a robotic picker selects a blank disc and places it in the machine for duplication. Once duplicated, the disc is automatically placed in a Rimage printer where a custom label in vivid colors is printed directly to the surface of the disc. The disc is then packaged and mailed. “From start to finish, the process is completely automated. It has allowed us to greatly improve customer service.”

Less Inventory and Fast Order Turnaround

Historically, JVISDA’s customer service and order fulfillment was a balancing act — a walk along the fine line between excess inventory and no inventory at all. Stepping too far in any direction resulted in unacceptable customer service levels and operational costs. “Before we implemented the Rimage system, reducing inventory while maintaining the prompt delivery that our customers demand seemed like an unattainable objective. After implementing this system, we’ve seen incredibly fast and reliable order turnaround. The transition to Rimage disc publishing and NetDisc has been a complete success.”

Big Results in a Small Package

The Rimage disc publishing system and NetDisc solution streamline operations for JVISDA while taking up very little physical space. The entire setup, including two Rimage disc publishing systems with printers, a server, and a postal machine only take up a few table tops. “In the past we had to dedicate a whole facility to this type of operation. It has allowed us to save a significant amount of workspace.”

“Implementation was painless. Now that the system is up and running it’s been a self-sustaining solution.”
Vincent Rotell, Deputy Director
Joint Visual Information Services Distribution Activity

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