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NuAire Corporation

Relies on Rimage to Deliver End-User Documentation and Support

The 7100N is a reliable system that allows us to keep up with demand. It surpasses anything we could have expected.

NuAire Corporation


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Keeping up with disc demand in a content-heavy environment


Rimage Producer 7100N + Everest 600 Printer

NuAire manufactures a variety of products and systems that serve the world’s scientific laboratory community. From Biological Safety Cabinets to Ultra Low Temperature Freezers, each piece of equipment is specially designed to meet the unique challenges of pharmaceutical and laboratory environments. In order to provide product support to end users, NuAire digitally records user manuals and training literature to optical discs, which are distributed with the equipment or by trained technicians. To meet a production demand of over 900 discs per month, NuAire turned to the Rimage Producer 7100N.

“Our discs look more professional than ever before. Plus the machine’s operation is quiet, pre­dictable and production runs smoothly.”
Will Jaspers, Head of Content, NuAire Corporation


Will Jaspers, Head of Content at NuAire, knows the importance of providing instructional documentation with their equipment. “What sets NuAire apart from similar businesses is our ability to provide in-service training at end-user facilities,” says Jaspers. When a new piece of equipment arrives on a customer’s site, a NuAire sales representative is there to explain correct usage, distribute training manuals and provide a reliable point of contact.

Before Jaspers discovered the Rimage solution, the company used a standard CD recorder to produce documentation discs and an inkjet printer to print the disc labels. Jaspers soon found several problems with the equipment. The software contained many holes that made production difficult, and the inkjet printer produced amateur-looking labels. “I knew our labels did not look as good as they could,” says Jaspers. When he contacted the manufacturer for support on these issues, he found the staff to be unknowledgeable and their solutions unhelpful. “Aside from asking me to send the machine in, which I could not afford to do, there was zero maintenance for the system.”

Jaspers needed a disc publishing solution with reliable support and dependable technology to produce batch jobs, allowing him to keep inventory levels low while accommodating frequently changing content. In addition, he wanted to produce quality disc labels that reinforced NuAire’s professional products and services.


NuAire found its solution in the Rimage Producer 7100N, a high-capacity system that provides CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc™ publishing and duplication with continuous operation and minimal downtime. Rimage’s advanced print technology, intuitive software and reliable support team have improved NuAire’s production process, allowing Jaspers to deliver manuals and training materials to end users faster.


Superior Print Technology

As soon as the Rimage system was incorporated into NuAire’s documentation workflow, Jaspers noticed a vast improvement in the appearance of discs compared to the old inkjet printer. The Everest 600 thermal retransfer printer produces indelible and photorealistic images, delivering the highest print quality in the industry. Jaspers no longer worries about spots, fading or other printing issues that gave NuAire discs an amateur look and feel. “Our discs look more professional than ever before,” he says.

Intelligent Software

In contrast to his old CD recording system, Jaspers found the Rimage software reliable and easy to use. The 7100N is equipped with a full set of software tools that allow Jaspers and his team to:

  • Create unique artwork for each disc
  • Submit new or saved jobs for printing and recording
  • Control system operation
  • Monitor production of one or any number of Rimage systems
  • Create custom applications

Disc creation and system management is intuitive and simple, even for first-time users. As Jaspers explains, “I got used to the software very quickly. I found it easy to create separate jobs, and by simply distributing the software, we can give multiple users within our organization access to the 7100N.”

Dependable Support

Rimage has given Jaspers a solution that values support just as much as NuAire does.
When issues arise, Rimage’s technical support team is knowledgeable and response times are fast, resulting in minimal disruption to production times. “Rimage is great at answering the phone and keeping me up to date about issues.”

“The 7100N is a reliable system that allows us to keep up with demand. It surpasses anything we could have expected.”
Will Jaspers, Head of Content, NuAire Corporation

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