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Technical Documentation: Customer: SENNEBOGEN GmbH

The labels printed on the thermal retransfer printer from Rimage look extremely professional.





The need to qualitatively improve and automate a manual document process.


Rimage Professional™/Network clients and Web Quickdisc intranet solution

  • Distinctive savings in time and work flow
  • Higher quality of document output
  • Cost savings

SENNEBOGEN was founded in 1952 and began with the production of machinery for the agricultural industry. Subsequently the company has established itself as a full service provider and quality leader in crane technology and material handling machines.

SENNEBOGEN employs around 1,100 people with locations in Germany, USA, Hungary and Singapore.

SENNEBOGEN, an international player, develops and produces the complete range of models consisting of cable operated excavators, tracked cranes, telescopic and mobile harbor cranes, excavators, multi-loader cranes, as well as base carriers. In addition to serial production for flexible areas of operation, SENNEBOGEN also designs individually specialized machines in close collaboration with their clients.

SENNEBOGEN stands for technical innovations in all areas, as well as a strong company tradition. The history of the family-run organization has been based on innovative ideas, continuity and consistent globalization. At the same time, the SENNEBOGEN name stands for long-term stability, as well as profitable organic growth.



At SENNEBOGEN, the marketing department makes a documentation package available to all customers. It includes a spare parts catalogue, brief instructions leaflets, and an operator manual and accompanies the all the systems they produce.

SENNEBOGEN customers receive the spare parts catalogue for each appropriate machine via an optical disc. To-date the burning of the optical disc, placing it in a sleeve, printing a label, and sticking it on the cover was a completely manual operation and proved to be enormously time consuming for the responsible people.


The electronic spare part catalogue is now burned on a Rimage 5410N centrally and the labeling of the discs on a thermal transfer printer results in a highly professional finish.

The decision to purchase a Rimage system proved both quick and easy because the label print with thermal retransfer technology delivers striking results. Additionally, the Quick Disc software is innovative and easy to use and the web surface comfortable to administrate, so that the users faced no issues in changing to the Rimage solution.
The documentation department now burns the CD, creates the label, and prints it on the disc in a fully automated process with the Rimage 5410N. The result is: no more printing paper labels and sticking them to the sleeves, resulting in huge savings in time which can be dedicated to other tasks.

“The labels printed on the thermal retransfer printer from Rimage look extremely professional.“
Mrs. Fischer – Documentation

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