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Niscayah Germany

Rimage Helps Fulfill Regulatory Requirements

We were highly impressed from the get-go with Rimage’s outstanding support during the system conceptualization and installation phases.

Niscayah Germany


Niscayah Germany, a supplier of security solutions


Devise an affordable video surveillance and archiving solution that meets federal requirements


  • Rimage Professional with Everest® printing
  • Rimage Surveillance Archiver software
  • Milestone IP Video Management Software
  • Axis Network Camera

Production of pure alcohol, which is needed for biofuel, is subject to extremely stringent regulations by Germany’s Federal Monopoly Office Agency. The Anklam plant, operated by the Dutch company Suiker Unie, is one of Germany’s largest production facilities for bioethanol—pure ethanol biofuel mixed with gasoline and supplied to refineries and fuel depots.
Niscayah is a global security firm that helps customers resolve security issues by devising proactive plans. Working with Rimage, Niscayah Germany devised a solution for monitoring Suiker Unie’s Anklam facility to meet customer and regulatory requirements.

“We were highly impressed from the get-go with Rimage’s outstanding support during the system conceptualization and installation phases.”
Eckart Gau, Niscayah GmbH


Netherlands-based Suiker Unie needed to meet regulatory requirements for bioethanol production at its Anklam/Mecklenburg sugar plant. According to the Federal Monopoly Office Agency’s regulations, surveillance cameras needed to be installed at the plant entrance, and all video surveillance data had to be archived for at least three years.

As a leading security solution provider, Niscayah Germany devised a concept and installation plan for the Anklam facility’s video surveillance system.

According to the project manager, Eckart Gau, Niscayah initially proposed that a storage system be installed at Suiker Unie for data archiving purposes, but Suiker Unie rejected this idea. Not only would the proposed system have been extremely cost intensive, but installation and monitoring would have necessitated special expertise. This prompted Niscayah to find a less expensive solution.


Niscayah found its solution at the Security trade show in Essen. Rimage devised a low-cost video data archiving system based on optical data media (in lieu of a costly data storage system) that automates the data export and archiving processes.

The Rimage Surveillance Solution involves three components: a fully-networked Professional™ disc production and thermal-retransfer printing system, Rimage Surveillance Archiver software, and XProtect monitoring software from Milestone—the leading provider of open platform IP video management software.

Rimage Surveillance Archiver integrates seamlessly with the Milestone’s XProtect Enterprise platform, enabling system administrators to define an archiving plan—based on predefined date/time or archive-size thresholds—for each surveillance camera. The archiving jobs run automatically with the Professional, a complete and compact system for recording data to CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc™ media. The Rimage system offers all the convenient features of an intelligent network device yet it is extremely intuitive—it’s as easy to operate as a conventional office printer. The system’s integrated control center (PC) and 100-disc capacity provides an automated long-term archiving solution that requires no intervention and eliminates human errors.

The optical disc aspect of the system is a major benefit of the Rimage solution. Each disc produced with the Professional system includes a Windows-based viewer, so data can be retrieved and viewed using any Windows PC. The Everest 400 prints corresponding meta-data directly on the disc surface for clear content identification and later recall. Optical media is the only archive technology that meets WORM (Write Once Read Multiple Times) standards, which means that data stored on the disc is manipulation-proof, and an independent manufacturer guarantees Blu-ray media to be readable for up to 50 years, enabling long-term archive at a low cost.


All wishes fulfilled

Niscayah Germany was able to offer its customer a system that they are very satisfied with, and the Rimage Surveillance Solution meets all the Federal Monopoly Office Agency requirements. The bioethanol production facility at the Anklam sugar plant can now be monitored around the clock, and its surveillance video can be properly archived for at least three years. As the operator of the installation, Suiker Unie has also received exactly what they needed—a fully scalable, user-friendly solution that allows for the installation of new cameras at no additional cost. As Eckart Gau says, the Rimage solution has “further strengthened the company’s acceptance as a partner for its customers.”

Market leadership

Rimage’s extensive warranty and guarantee undoubtedly prompted the Federal Monopoly Office Agency to approve the solution. Rimage not only offers a warranty on its Media Kits as part of its disc production and printing system, but it guarantees that the Professional system will flawlessly pick, record, and print optical discs with a lifetime readability period of 50 years for DVDs and 100 years for CDs.

According to Eckart Gau, “In the Rimage system we found a solution that met the customer’s requirements (user-friendly, low cost and reliable) and that was approved by the competent authority.” Mr. Gau is also extremely pleased that his company was once again able to demonstrate its market leadership in the security solutions sector.

“The Rimage solution meets all of the requirements that we needed to meet and is a terrific value.”
Eckart Gau, Niscayah GmbH

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