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McDS Banking

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Two of the things I like most about Rimage are their great first class product and first class service.

McDS Banking


Asset Management,
Asset Servicing and Wealth Management Banking Divisions


A solution to eliminate the paper statements and cut shipping costs across the entire company


  • 7100N System
  • Everest® 600 printer

Dan Sowinski, VP Technical Sales for McDS, faced a problem — he needed to find an efficient way to manage large amounts of secure data easily and efficiently. Sowinski needed a solution to process, archive, and deliver 55 million images annually from the Asset Management, Asset Servicing and Wealth Management Banking Divisions. Sowinski knew the solution he needed must eliminate paper printouts and CD labeling with a black marker pen, while keeping the integrity of the data intact. He needed a total solution that was precise and that left no margin of error within the data archival process.

“Two of the things I like most about Rimage are their great first class product and first class service.”
Dan Sowinski, VP Technical Sales for McDS


The massive amount of data to be processed was an ongoing challenge for McDS. “I would go into the basement of these banks and there would be many large pallets of paper, going to a number of destinations worldwide,” said Sowinski. “The cost of paper and shipping to mail out statements was astronomical. I needed to find a solution that eliminated paper statements to cut costs across the entire company.” The old process to send out client data was to print a statement that was accompanied by an archived CD, labeled with a black marker. There were many issues with this method, such as spelling errors, consistency, and matching the data to the correct client. The new solution had to be automated to save time and deliver exact results. Sowinski needed a system that collected and archived data onto a CD or DVD to be distributed to the customer. He also needed a permanent and professional label to identify the correct customer. Sowinski also was looking for a solution with expertise and integrity to stand behind the system.


Sowinski discovered the Rimage Producer System and the Everest™ 600 printer while talking to one of his counterparts. He chose the Rimage system for the API, the quality of the Rimage hardware and because Rimage stands behind their systems. The workflow process of archiving and burning the images to the disc is completely automated. Instead of manually burning a million CDs and DVDs and matching them to the paper statements, the Rimage system archives the image and the statement together on one CD or DVD. The system also prints a professional and permanent label that matches what is on the CD or DVD. This process saves an enormous amount of time because the system does all the work. Archiving and distribution are no longer an issue because the system automatically publishes the information to CDs and DVDs with fast and professional results.


After researching systems by doing a market analysis, Sowinski purchased twelve Rimage 7100N Systems and Everest™ 600 printers. The results have been positive because of the automated process that eliminated the human error variable. “I can load up to three hundred CDs or DVDs into the system, set up the jobs and the machine takes care of the rest,” said Sowinski. “The system is especially beneficial because of the volume of images we manage through the company. The best part is we no longer need to print reports to secure files or write on the CD or DVD with a black marker pen.” Sending out reports on CD or DVD, instead of printed paper statements, saved the company millions of dollars in paper and shipping costs. Also, the thermal label printer gave the company a professional look. The CDs and DVDs are waterproof and are ideal for archiving due to their storage capacity, compatibility and a disc lifespan of 50 to 100 years. “The system not only provides the company with exact results, it is also a first class product with professional customer service and technical support,” said Sowinski. “The insightful staff has a commitment to excellence and it is apparent they believe in their product.” With the Rimage solution, Sowinski reported that McDS has seen an eighty percent reduction in printing and shipping costs per year.

Case Studies