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Depends on Rimage Disc Publishing for High Ratings During “Sweeps”

Some of the smaller units on the market did not have the durability I was looking for. The Producer offers the high level of reliability we demand when we are up against deadlines during sweeps.

Nielsen Media Research


Nielsen Media Research


Cost Effectively Distribute Customized Marketing Research


Multiple Rimage Disc Publishing Systems

When Arthur Nielsen, Sr. launched his first ‘Audimeter’ system back in the 1950s to measure what television shows people were watching, little did he know Nielsen Media Research would someday become a household name synonymous with television ratings.Today, Nielsen Media Research is the leading provider of television audience measurement and related services in the world. Active in more than 40 countries, the company offers broadcast audience measurement and customized media research services. For the past 10 years, Nielsen Media Research has depended on Rimage’s Producer disc publishing systems to help store and quickly distribute the mass amounts of market information it collects and provides to advertisers, media outlets and data warehouses.

“Given the time and expense it used to take us to distribute data via reel to reel, the Rimage disc publishing systems quickly pay for themselves.”
Laurie Anci, Project Coordinator, Nielsen Media Research


Accurate current audience data is essential for media outlets and advertisers to run their businesses. Nielsen Media Research’s process for collecting and distributing that market information has evolved significantly over the years in order to keep up with the ever-changing technology and habits of the television viewing environment. Today Nielsen Media Research has a fluid system of realtime information collection and delivery to 210 markets leveraging CDs, DVDs and the Internet. Four times a year, this system feels the pressure of major television “sweeps” in addition to smaller monthly measurements. “We publish and send out data on CDs and DVDs every day during a measurement, sometimes a few times a day,” said Laurie Anci, project coordinator for Nielsen Media Research.“Customers can order information for specific markets, so there’s a lot of customization involved in the disc publishing process.We have all five Rimage systems running during these measurements and we’re producing hundreds of DVDs a day for the major “sweeps.” During these times, system failure or downtime is not an option.”


Nielsen Media Research purchased its first Rimage system in 1997, and according to Laurie, it still creates discs daily for Nielsen Media Research. She estimates this one Rimage system has produced more than 30,000 discs over the years with minimal downtime. Nielsen Media Research has added four more Rimage Producer systems in recent years, with reliability being a key buying criteria. “Some of the smaller units on the market did not have the durability I was looking for. The Producer offers the high level of reliability we demand when we are up against deadlines during sweeps.” This year, Rimage systems will produce 34,000 CDs/DVDs for Nielsen Media Research.


Networked for On-Demand Publishing

Nielsen Media Research has a team of eight people responsible for processing data and distributing it to customers. Using workstations to interact with production and image servers, each individual has the ability to set up a queue of disc printing jobs in advance of production. All data are created on Nielsen Media Research’s mainframe.The data is then transferred into its network attached storage (NAS) system and fed into the Rimage Producer systems.The unique architecture of the Producer software includes a patented data streaming feature that supports up to sixteen simultaneous data streams sent from a user’s network.“We have lots of individual jobs we need to keep track of. By leveraging the Rimage system’s ability to stream data, it maximizes efficiency and eliminates costly downtime for us.”

Combining High Performance and Usability

According to Laurie, considering what the Rimage systems accomplish for Nielsen Media Research, they are incredibly easy to use. “I evaluate technology based on whether or not my least technically savvy person can operate it without any problems. The Rimage software is not only extremely versatile and dependable, but makes it easy for anyone on my team to sit down at a workstation and set up a new job without any problem.” After the system records and prints each disc, it stacks the finished discs in one of the output bins for easy unloading.The robotic transporter, which consists of a lift arm and removable carousel, can retrieve and stack up to 300 discs without operator intervention.

Branding Every Disc Creation with Quality

On every disc it creates, Nielsen Media Research includes its company logo, the number of markets the data represents and a description of the data.“We’re not necessarily trying to make the discs look graphically impressive, but the information we include on the labels is very important and needs to be professional looking and easy to read.” The Rimage Prism™ Thermal printer provides Nielsen Media Research direct-to-disc printing with impeccably clear text, while keeping Nielsen Media Research’s cost-per-disc low. With a mono print ribbon capable of printing 2,100 discs, it requires little attention from Laurie and her team.

“Some of the smaller units on the market did not have the durability I was looking for. The Producer offers the high level of reliability we demand when we are up against deadlines during sweeps.’’
Laurie Anci, Project Coordinator, Nielsen Media Research

Case Studies