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AARP Broadcast reaches audiences through a fully networked Rimage system

Once projects are sent to the networked Rimage, our producers can continue working on a shoot or an edit. The Rimage system creates any number of error-free discs with professionally-printed direct-to-disc labels.



AARP Broadcast


  • Incorporate a network-ready DVD printing and burning solution
  • Streamline AARP Broadcast’s media production workflow


Rimage Disc Publishing System

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, membership organization that helps people age 50 and older have independence, choice, and control in ways that are beneficial and affordable to them and society. As a part of these benefits, AARP creates more than 150 different types of DVDs for both internal and external audiences. These products range from informational pieces outlining AARP’s position on social security and Medicare, to instructional videos on driver safety.

When AARP overhauled its broadcast studio into a full high-definition production facility, it turned to Rimage to fulfill its dire need for a network-ready DVD printing and burning solution.


A 30-year television industry veteran, AARP’s manager of television production Bob Martindale and his team created a new AARP production studio from scratch in 2005. The facility features two television studios, a complete radio facility, seven AVID software-enabled edit bays, and 17 AVID news cutters.

Before taking advantage of Rimage’s networking capabilities, AARP used one-off, workstation-based disc output systems, resulting in woefully inefficient workflow. Even with a state-of-the-art digital production facility, AARP was forced to make discs one at a time from specific workstations and label the discs by hand using adhesive paper Labels. “With a facility this large, we could create high-quality multimedia products, yet our disc output technology could not keep up with production demands,” Martindale said. “The old system’s hands-on operation severely diminished our productivity and hampered our attempts to streamline production workflow.”


After seeing the Rimage professional products at the 2005 Government Video Expo trade show, AARP Broadcast dug deeper and researched various Rimage solutions on the Web. Although they considered a few competitors, AARP chose Rimage because it did not want a temporary, disposable disc solution. “We needed a networked solution that was reliable and could handle the volume of discs we wanted to produce,” Martindale said. “We needed a networked solution that was reliable and would not break down. We unanimously decided on the Rimage system because it was a production class system that would outlast all other options.”

After implementing the Rimage solution, AARP’s workflow and disc throughput has become remarkably efficient. “Prior to installing the Rimage equipment, we could create 10-15 discs per day. Now we can do ten times as many discs per day with no problem,” Martindale said.

“Once projects are sent to the networked Rimage, our producers can continue working on a shoot or an edit. The Rimage system creates any number of error-free discs with professionally-printed direct-to-disc labels.”

AARP has experienced Rimage reliability first-hand, enjoying 100 percent uptime and zero disc errors since implementing the solution in 2006. Rimage’s automatic error protection feature ensures that each disc produced passes an error check. “The fact that each disc comes out exactly right the first time means we can queue up several jobs on the network, then literally forget about disc output until each job is finished.”

Due to its overwhelming success using the Rimage professional solution, AARP is considering expanding its disc output capabilities and extending its media library to include new media formats supported by Rimage technology, such as Blu-ray Disc™. The organization is already thinking about purchasing a second Rimage solution to handle increased demand for discs. “Unlike other technology we have purchased in the past, we truly believe we’ve made the right decision from the beginning by choosing a Rimage system.”


The most complete, networked solution available

The Rimage system’s networked production, distribution and asset management capabilities were the paramount considerations for AARP in choosing Rimage. The Rimage solution brings DVD production resources to everyone within the AARP organization, including edit suites, studios, and office spaces, making DVD publishing as easy as using a shared printer. The Rimage system’s fully automatic, hands-off operation has helped AARP eliminate most labor costs associated with disc production, saving money and allowing staff to focus on producing video and audio content instead of discs.

The fastest most dependable throughput in the industry

AARP often produces DVDs on very short time lines, requiring quick turn-around with little margin for error. Rimage systems are designed to accelerate disc publishing and produce discs more than twice as fast as competitive products. Plus, with Rimage automatic error protection, disc writing errors are automatically detected and managed with no process interruption or user intervention. With the Rimage solution, AARP can meet tight deadlines and satisfy internal and external demands for its digital content.

Case Studies