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Limburg, Germany Bishopric

Rimage enables the Limburg bishopric (diocese) in Germany to produce professional media

Within the modern daily routine of the bishopric, the need for digital media is still growing. No matter if it’s for the IT department, the chorus, or the Catholic organizations within the bishopric, there is a need for CDs and DVDs.

Limburg, Germany Bishopric


Limburg, Germany Bishopric


Data archiving, duplication, and printing of CDs and DVDs


  • Rimage Professional™ System with Archiving Solutions
  • Rimage Desktop 2000i System for Cost-Effective DVD Production
  • Rimage Media Kits for System Backups and Easy Recovery

The Limburg bishopric was looking for a solid solution that can take care of three things:

  • Creation of offline data archives on DVD and Blu-Ray, to achieve long durability and compatibility. Additionally, they wanted to enhance and speed up the search functionality compared to their old tape-based archive.
  • Choruses and Catholic organizations within the bishopric wanted to be able to duplicate and print professional CDs and DVDs from their concerts, events and activities, yet keeping the cost per disc low.
  • The IT department was looking for a solution to duplicate software CDs so they could send installation discs to the external parishes.


Rimage recommended a Rimage Professional™ system with archiving software, as well as a Rimage Desktop 2000i system.

The Desktop 2000i system is hosted in the printing facility and all parishes and Catholic organizations are able to access the system. This set-up allows a very cost effective way to produce DVDs from live recorded chorus concerts, special church services or activities from groups such as the boy scouts.

The Rimage Professional system is equipped with CD/DVD/Blu-Ray recorders that enable the IT department to created software copies and to archive data fully automatically to Blu-Ray discs™.

For archiving, the Limburg bishopric uses software from a Rimage partner which allows them to archive the data within strict restrictions and timeframes. With the integrated database, it’s possible to locate the archived data at any time.

The usage of DVDs allows them to back up all local installations and to easily recover the systems as needed.


The Rimage robotic systems are used very frequently and the solution was accepted very well from all employees and users. The IT department as well as the internal printing house both save a lot of time by not manually duplicating media anymore. Furthermore, there is a clear uplift in terms of media quality, burning and printing, compared to the process in use before.

Case Studies