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Sir Speedy

Embraces Digital Delivery for Photo & Data Output

Customers notice the superior print quality when compared to inkjet. That’s one of the reasons the equipment has more than paid for itself.

Sir Speedy


Sir Speedy and PIP Printing and Marketing Centers (PIP)


Provide a profitable content delivery service that embraces digital delivery


  • Rimage Professional™ and Producer™ systems
  • Rimage Media Kits
  • Rimage Maintenance
  • Rimage Professional 5400N

Sir Speedy and PIP provide printing and marketing services designed to help companies grow their businesses. They lead the industry in traditional printing, copying and mailing services, as well as web-to-print solutions, integrated direct marketing tools, promotional products and more. Part of a worldwide network that spans nearly 800 locations in 16 countries, Sir Speedy and PIP are known globally for their commitment to consistent quality through the use of advanced digital technology.

“Customers notice the superior print quality when compared to inkjet. That’s one of the reasons the equipment has more than paid for itself.”
Sean Casey, Sir Speedy Whittier, CA


As photo and print technology continues to be digitally based, Sir Speedy and PIP recognize the need to provide more diverse digital output solutions to meet the increasing demand of their customer base.

Individual franchisees must have a way to offer on-demand digital publishing solutions to satisfy their customers’ consistent desire for more video, photo, and data output to CD and DVD.


Thanks to the company’s relationship with Rimage, business customers that rely on Sir Speedy or PIP Printing for timely print production can count on their local printer for high-quality, professional CD and DVD production as part of a complete printing service package. Small businesses, advertising agencies, institutions, or individuals can produce sales materials, presentations, digital audio and video, product manuals, or catalogs on disc at the same Sir Speedy or PIP Printing locations they use for signage and other printed materials.

The Rimage system has allowed Donald Stocks, owner of a PIP Printing franchise in Greenville, North Carolina, to meet customer demand more quickly and efficiently and with better product quality. Stocks uses his Rimage Professional system four or five times per week to fulfill customer requests and internal production jobs as well as archive all customer assets to disc—a big advantage as the amount of digital content continues to grow in both business and personal settings.


Print Technology that Lasts

Rimage digital publishing systems are equipped with the renowned Everest™ thermal retransfer printing system. Everest technology delivers waterproof, scratch proof, photo-realistic disc printing that bonds directly to the surface of the disc. These full-color discs are the industry’s most durable printed discs and will not scratch, peel, or fade over time.

Compared to inkjet-based systems, the Everest printer is faster, tracks exactly how many discs can be printed with remaining ribbon to allow unattended use, and has a fixed cost per disc when printing full-color labels. This makes it easy for Sir Speedy and PIP to offer standardized pricing to their customers while also supporting the most vivid and complex disc artwork.

“I am in a high-traffic retail area, and I’ve done deals for brides where they have burned video and photos to DVD, especially photo imprints on the DVDs,” says Donald Stocks at PIP Printing in Greenville, North Carolina. “One wedding customer had a lot of bright and brilliant colors in her ceremony and was blown away by the print quality of the DVD label.”

Return on Investment

As a result of the Rimage system incorporation, other Sir Speedy franchisees have realized the customer service benefits. By using in-store Rimage equipment, most franchisees have seen a sizable return on their original investment. “Our Rimage purchase was a great decision,” says Brian Doerner at Sir Speedy in Sarasota, Florida. “Customers love the quality of the Everest-printed discs because it helps them promote their company image. As a service, it’s very marketable.”

Sean Casey at Sir Speedy in Whittier, California says, “The Rimage machine is the perfect size for our operation, ideal for niche markets. Customers notice the superior print quality when compared to inkjet. That’s one of the reasons the equipment has more than paid for itself.”

“The 7100N is a reliable system that allows us to keep up with demand. It surpasses anything we could have expected.”
Sean Casey, Sir Speedy, Whittier, CA

Case Studies