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Spreading the Word to Millions With Rimage

As one of the first media-driven ministries, we always felt blessed that the faithful were interested in obtaining pre-recorded copies of Pastor Hagee’s teachings.

John Hagee Ministries


John Hagee Ministries
San Antonio, Texas


Manage Disc Publishing Seamlessly, Without Vendors


Rimage Disc Publishing System

Founded in 1978, John Hagee Ministries is a thriving broadcast ministry reaching nearly 100 million households worldwide. As he head of the 18,000-member Cornerstone Church congregation in San Antonio, Texas, Pastor John Hagee is one of the first clergymen to embrace audio, visual and broadcast distributions of his Sunday sermons.

“Rimage has the best tech support solution because it’s not just about sales to them, and it’s not just about being the best in the business. It’s about keeping their equipment up and running for the people who are relying on it every day.”


“As one of the first media-driven ministries, we always felt blessed that the faithful were interested inobtaining pre-recorded copies of Pastor Hagee’s teachings,” said Tony Castro, director of operations for John Hagee Ministries.

Soon after Pastor Hagee began broadcasting his sermons on a local San Antonio television station, viewers started calling the church and asking for VHS and audiocassette copies of the sermons for viewing and listening at home.

Today, with Pastor Hagee’s television and radio ministry being broadcast on more than 200 radio and television stations in 160 countries around the world, global demand for audio and video sermons is at an all-time high. Until three years ago, Hagee Ministries relied on third-party vendors to produce hundreds of DVDs and CDs per day. After many inventory control hassles, expensive third-party invoices and lengthy turnaround times, the ministry found itself having difficulties keeping up with demand. “We needed to keep up with volume demands, while cutting our inventory losses and reducing costs,” Castro said. “And we wanted 24/7 hands-off operation so we could produce discs all night for distribution the next business day. e simply couldn’t get that kind of timing with a third-party vendor.”

Shannon knew that disc volumes were going to increase and there was no apparent way to streamline the process without simply adding more employees to perform this manual function.


After talking with several vendors and conducting online research, Hagee Ministries purchased a single Rimage disc publishing system in 2004. “Rimage kept coming up as a company that had been around and been proven in the category,” Castro said, who noticed an immediate improvement in print quality when compared to other disc publishing equipment.

After implementing the Rimage system, Castro realized the simplified CD and DVD authoring process would enable the ministry to offer multi-part sermon series packages as well as compilations of themed teachings for distribution through its telephone call center and Web site. To keep up with increasing demand, John Hagee Ministries purchased another Rimage system and several additional AutoEverest™ thermal retransfer autoprinters.

When Pastor Hagee preaches on Sundays, ministry production staff records each sermon on DigiBeta and creates a TV master. Then, producers create separate duplication masters for CD audio and DVD video. One Rimage system creates CDs while the other creates DVDs. All discs are printed with Everest thermal retransfer printers. After a TV episode airs, ministry producers create extra inventory of that particular sermon in anticipation of increased demand.

Producing and distributing media is so easy with the Rimage system that it has helped John Hagee Ministries strengthen its focus on content. Since implementing the Rimage system, the ministry has produced several inspirational media collections that have made a real difference in the lives of their followers. “Each year, we receive more than one million calls telling us how lives were changed for the better. Distributing Pastor Hagee’s teachings, inspirational music and scripture readings on CD or DVD teachings help spread the messages,” Castro said. “Estranged families are brought together, the ill are healed and lives are saved. The faithful can go to church anytime by watching or listening to the media we produce. With faith, anything is possible.”


A hands-free, 24-7 solution

The Rimage system’s automatic operation and industry-leading print quality was the primary reason why John Hagee Ministries chose Rimage. “We produce nearly half a million discs each year,” Castro said. “Maintaining productivity during the overnight hours is critical to fulfilling orders, and the Rimage system delivers on its promise of 24-7 operation.”

Control inventory; reduce expenses

Say goodbye to overstocks and back-orders with a Rimage digital publishing system. John Hagee Ministries is now able to keep a limited inventory of popular titles, while producing new titles on demand. “When using a third-party production house, if we purchase 5,000 units and only sell 3,000, we’re stuck with the rest,” Castro said. “Now, we produce just enough inventory to keep up with volume.”

“Thanks to Rimage, we have a fully integrated duplication department. We have 15 people on our production staff, all of whom use the Rimage systems on a daily basis.”

“All of our Rimage units were paid for within one year, and some were paid for in seven months or less due to the rapid decline of VHS and audio cassette formats.”

Case Studies