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Freie Volksmission

Rimage ensures professional video DVD production for Freie Volksmission

With the new Rimage 8200N System, now our DVDs and CDs are being printed and recorded reliably in one stream.

- Mr. Peter, Freie Volksmission Krefeld e.V.

Freie Volksmission


Freie Volksmission Krefeld e.V.


A reliable solution for easy and fast DVD production


  • Rimage Producer™ 8200N, Prism III™ printer
  • Rimage Software Suite

Freie Volksmission is an interdenominational mission church, with a goal to spread the teaching of the bible throughout the world and help people to understand.
For this purpose, once a month international worships are held with famous missionary Mr. Ewald Frank. For all the people who cannot be on site to attend the worship, the content will be streamed live on the Internet. More than 10,000 people order the video DVD every month.

Current situation: There are several copy robots and copy towers in use from different manufacturers. For DVD production, several steps are necessary. Burning and printing is mostly done on different devices.


A reliable and fast solution for DVD production was necessary. The workflow had to be simplified.

  1. The previous process was to burn a master DVD and copy the disc manually on each robot. This process was to be replaced by a network solution where employees can easily start and manage jobs from their workstation.
  2. Burning and printing must be done from one device, ensuring time efficiency and avoiding confusion.
  3. The solution had to be extremely robust and employees should be able to replace important parts in under five minutes.
  4. Printing had to be extremely quick, clean and robust, and most importantly, cost efficient.


Rimage Producer IV 8200N with Prism III thermal black printer.

This robotic system has four front-swappable recorders, 400-disc input capacity bin and a maximum of 3 cents of printing cost per disc. It is a fully networkable software solution with unlimited client licenses.

On-site training was held to demonstrate all software features and options to the employees, to optimize different processes.

There’s no need to create a master disc to copy. Now, the employees can easily send DVD images through their networking software to the Rimage system. Thus, now more than one job can be queued. Media are burned and printed in one robotic system; there’s no need any more to transfer the burned media to a printing robot. Clear labeling eliminates confusion, and finished media can easily be shipped directly after production.

Due to the Rimage Software Suite built-in mail merge function, customer addresses can be printed directly on the media, referencing the order database. This has eliminated the need to print and enclose a separate customer letter. The address printed on the disc can be used directly by the post office.

The sophisticated and robust Producer robotic system minimizes downtime with reliable production; it can even be left unattended overnight. Rimage DiscWatch™ software provides status on the remaining media capacity and warns if the level is low.



The new Rimage 8200N has quickly established itself among users. Main production is now carried out primarily on this system. At peak times, the old systems can be used again in parallel to increase throughput.


Case Studies