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Desktop convenience, for easy and affordable disc publishing.

Rimage Allegro disc publishing systems are an affordable front-office solution ideal for low or moderate volume disc production. Publish discs with full-color labels using the newest generation of high-speed, high-quality inkjet printing, for professional results each and every time. Available as the Allegro 20 or Allegro 100 model, Allegro comes complete with industry-leading Rimage software in a cost-effective package.

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Allegro medical systems are a perfect fit for healthcare facilities or offices, supporting DICOM integrated CD/DVD workflows with cost-effective, high-quality performance.


1Translucent Cover

 Protects from dust while allowing easy access.

LED Buttons

 Provides visual monitoring of the system.

3Removable External Output Bin

Allows both internal bins to be used for input.100 disc capacity.


 4Robotic Arm

Provides fast, reliable transfers. Parallel recording and printing increases disc throughput.

5Internal Disc Recorders

 Two recorders for CD / DVD (Blu-ray Disc™ optional).

6Inkjet Printer

High quality inkjet printing for photo-realistic labels. All-in-one ink cartridge is front accessible and can be easily changed.


7Two 50-Disc Internal Bins

Configurable bins for input or output.



Choose the Allegro system that best matches your needs. Allegro 20 – a cost-effective option for the smallest office or clinics – has one recorder, and one bin that holds up to 20 discs. Allegro 100, ideal for larger clinics or facilities, has two recorders, and two bins that hold up to 100 total discs. CD/DVD recorders are standard on both models, with optional Blu-ray™ recorder upgrades.


Power through projects quickly while getting full-surface, full-color printing in as little as six seconds: the Allegro’s high-speed robotics are designed to maximize production.


The Rimage Allegro 100 and Allegro 20 systems are the perfect solutions for radiology practices and hospitals to create patient CDs quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Our flexible and long-established API is compatible with most DICOM solutions from established vendors, so it is very easy to connect our system into your existing workflow. If you want to replace an old patient CD robot, this can usually be done very easily and cost-effective with a Rimage Allegro system.

We will be happy to advise you if and how your existing software can drive an Allegro system. If you already have an old Rimage system in use, such as a 2000i, a replacement should be possible without any problems.

While Allegro systems serve the needs of many diverse markets, Allegro 20 and Allegro 100 are perfect for DICOM integrated CD/DVD disc publishing in the medical market. Learn more about Rimage solutions for the medical market. 


  Allegro 20 Allegro 100
Number of Recorders 2 2
Carousel / Total Capacity 1 bin / 20 discs 2 bins / 100 discs
Printer 4800 dpi inkjet
USB Connectivity USB 3.0 required
Height 7 in / 17.8 cm 11 in / 27.9 cm
Weight 15 in / 38.1 cm 17.8 in / 45.2 cm
Depth* 14.75 in / 37.5 cm 17.5 in / 44.5 cm
Weight 17 lb / 7.7 kg 26 lb / 11.8 kg
Power Specifications 100-240 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 5 AMP, 60 Watts
Allow space (3.5” or 9 cm) in rear of machine for cabling.


Every Rimage Allegro disc publishing system includes the Rimage Software Suite (RSS), a complete set of software unlocking the full potential of the Rimage system. The suite includes tools to submit and manage print and record jobs, create unique artwork for each disc, monitor and control system operation of one or a number of Rimage systems, and integrate into workflows to fully automate disc publishing.


  • CD Designer™ provides users the ability to create, import, and customize graphics to be printed on your disc surface.
  • QuickDisc™ allows users to assemble and submit projects to their Rimage system.
  • Rimage System Manager allows users to fully control and monitor all Rimage systems from any location on the network. View the status of jobs, configure bins and get accurate available media counts to keep production flowing.
  • Rimage Services includes Production Server to control the hardware and manage all aspects of printing and recording, Image Server to create a wide range of disc formats with options such as image encryption with password protection, and other Rimage services that enable the functionality of client software tools.

For maximum flexibility, RSS also includes web clients for Windows® and Mac OS® that provide the same capability, but without the need to install any software:

  • WebQD™ extends primary functionality of QuickDisc to any computer with network access to the Rimage system and a web browser.
  • WebRSM™ extends the functionality of Rimage System Manager to any computer with network access to the Rimage system and a web browser.

Available upon request at no charge to Rimage disc publishing users simply by contacting Rimage Support:

  • Software Developer Kit (SDK) includes the APIs (Application Programming Interface) and information needed to integrate the Rimage with other software and automate the Rimage system in custom workflows.



Rimage printable CD/DVD/BD inkjet media is engineered to achieve an exceptional, professional look, helping you treat every project like it’s your most important one. Whether you purchase single layer CD or DVD, single or dual layer Blu-ray, silver or white discs, Rimage media is sourced to exact specifications. Discs are taken through rigorous quality assurance processes and manufactured to the tolerances required for Rimage robotic and printing systems.

Rimage media is designed to work together with Rimage ribbons and all-in-one ink cartridges for extraordinary print quality and data integrity, and is matched precisely to your system’s specifications for faster write speeds and error-free operation.

With an integrated inkjet printer, Allegro systems require optical media designed for inkjet printing on the disc label surface. Rimage media for inkjet printing is available in CD or DVD formats.


Exclusive to the Allegro systems, the All-in-One Ink Cartridge is reliable and convenient to use. Get amazing color and print quality in a cost-effective package with the Allegro 20 or Allegro 100.


  • No pooling, smudging or over saturation
  • Faster drying times
  • Reduced dot gain for better image detail
  • Beautiful color resolution

Only Rimage media is approved and guaranteed. For full details, view the Rimage Optical Media Guarantee.


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